Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recipe Review - Alton Brown's Angel Food Cake

After making this recipe several times, I decided to write a review of Alton Brown's Angel Food Cake. Mainly because I wanted to put this cake on my blog but since it isn't my recipe I felt like I really needed to give credit where it is due.
Here is my review of Alton Brown's Angel Food Cake recipe: It is incredibly good, and you should make it. Done. Okay, I am just kidding. But really, that is it in a nutshell. This recipe has come out great every time I've made it. The cake is incredibly light and moist, delicate and slightly springy. The best part is that Alton Brown's recipe is very easy to follow for anyone who has never made an Angel Food Cake from scratch. Most of Alton Brown's recipes are like that - he spells it out for you as if you are making a particular food for the first time. Anyway, this cake is not only easy to make, but you can change up the flavor a bit by replacing the vanilla with a touch of orange or lemon extract. Serve it alone or topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. 
There are three keys to success with any Angel Food cake: 1) After beating the egg whites, sift the dry ingredients over the beaten egg whites and fold in very gently, adding a little at a time. 2) Bake in an ungreased tube pan - this helps the cake "climb" the walls of the pan and gain height. 3) Cool the cake upside down. This is why tube pans have a long center support and sometimes have little "legs" on them. Angel food cakes and chiffon cakes should be cooled upside down to maintain the height and lightness while cooling.
So, on we go to this wonderful recipe. I thought the Food Network might not appreciate bloggers posting their recipes, so I am going to link back to the recipe on their site. Here you go:

Alton Brown Angel Food Cake Recipe


  1. I abosutely love his angel food recipe. I'd bought a store bought one recently for someone's birthday and wow it tasted chemical-ey. Alton's is sooo much better. It's super easy, but it does take some effort and I get a bit tired doing the sift then fold routine. And I post the recipes directly on my blog but I also don't get a lot of traffic either :P

  2. Hey I want to ask you that can i buy this cake from my near grocery store if not, then can i make at my home, coming 3 month is there my birthday and i want to do something new, and i think is a good idea to have my own made cake for my birthday.

    1. Yes, you can make it yourself. If you follow the instructions carefully, this cake is not hard to make. Good luck!