Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Heart Cookies

There are so many different things you can do with heart cookies for Valentine's day.
Whether you are looking for a very basic cookie or more complex decorations,
here are some ideas for heart cookies:
My favorite thing to do is make some Sarcastic Valentines:
This is actually a Chocolate Rolled Cookie recipe. To do this design, roll out colored fondant and cut it with a heart shaped cookie cutter. Apply it by brushing a thin layer of Karo syrup onto the cookie and gently press the fondant on, then write the words with a food marker or by hand-painting them on with dark pink food gel.

An easy idea is to make these Nutella sandwich hearts. Use your favorite Rolled Sugar Cookie recipe (a good one I like to use is Cake Central's No Fail Sugar Cookies recipe) and cut into hearts. When cooled, spread a small amount of Nutella on one cookie and cover it with another cookie. Done.

These hearts are decorated with Red and White Royal Icing. Royal Icing gives you a lovely smooth finish and dries hard so cookies are stackable. However, you definitely sacrifice some taste for looks here - Royal Icing is not the most tasty icing around.

These jam hearts are delicious and look like a pretty linzer cookie. Just roll out dough and cut it into heart shapes, using a smaller cutter to make "windows" in half of the cookies. When they are cooled, spread a little bit of your favorite jam on a cookie (I like a seedless Raspberry jam for this) and then cover with the top cookie (the one with the window in it). When you have done all the cookies, dust them with powdered sugar.
 These hearts are made using the recipe for Chocolate Rolled Cookies
Then they are decorated using a Glace Icing which tastes better than royal icing and dries smooth with a nice sheen to it. The downside is that this icing usually takes a FULL day to dry, so plan ahead if you want to use it.

These chocolate hearts are decorated with fondant. You can buy embossing sheets with various patterns on them at your local cake decorating store or online. After rolling out the fondant, imprint it with the embossing sheet (follow instructions on the package, but with most embossing sheets you dust the sheet with cornstarch and then just press the plastic sheet onto the fondant, pressing it in with your hand or a rolling pin). Then cut out hearts from the patterned fondant with a heart cookie cutter that is slightly smaller than your cookie. Apply by brushing on a thin layer of Karo syrup onto the cookie and then smoothing the fondant piece on. The flowers above are also made from fondant put into a flower mold.

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