Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gingerbread Ideas

I have a love affair with Gingerbread that lasts all year long. Of course I make it at Christmas time (Cookies, Cake, and Houses) but Gingerbread doesn't have to be limited to the holidays. Here are some ideas for using Gingerbread all year 'round:
Gingerbread Teddy Bear Cookies
Gingerbread Skeletons for Halloween
Gingerbread Mustaches for the kids to have fun with (and eat!)
If you are planning to keep Gingerbread in the realm of Christmas, you can still get creative and try out different shapes. Don't just think Gingerbread People:
Gingerbread Reindeer!
Big Gingerbread People with candy decorations
And, of course, Gingerbread Houses
Love the taste of Gingerbread but don't want all the fuss? Try my Boston's Best Gingerbread Cookie recipe - it can be made crispy like a gingersnap or soft with a delicious almond glaze. And of course there is always Old-Fashioned Gingerbread, which is more of a cake. Click the link for that recipe.

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