Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Basket Cake w/stripes inside

This cake is a festive and fun way to celebrate Easter:

1) Make a round layer cake three layers tall (6", 8", or 9" size)
2) Make a standard American Buttercream frosting.
3) Do a Basket Weave pattern in two colors all around the cake.
4) Finish off the top with a rope twist
5) Color some coconut green
6) Place the coconut and various Easter candies inside the top

If you want it to look interesting on the inside as well, you can dye your cake batter three different colors when you separate it into pans. Bake the layers as you normally would. Cut each layer in half horizontally so that you have 6 layers total. Stack them with frosting or just a thin layer of Jam in between (I used a thin layer of lemon curd - you can't really see it) 
And then on the inside...



  1. How do you do the rope twist and the basket weave?

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